What Does Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef Mean?
Mar 08, 23

What Does Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef Mean?

We've been wondering if.. perhaps you're curious what grass-fed and grass-finished really even means? 

Few beef processors in the country offer this rare and nutritious type of meat.

Grab your morning coffee and lets dive in! to why you'd go with us over the local grocer's products! 

For starters, our meat is locally sourced on Texas land outside DFW. This alone separates us from 90% of meat in the market as ours is not shipped from outside states or countries where produce practices are questionable at best and downright unacceptable at worst.

Even if you don’t go with us, understand the source of your meat. 

Next, our beef is grass-fed, a buzzy phrase these days, but let’s dive in a little deeper.

Our cattle eats grass, not soy-based grain, from birth to processing.

Why is this important?

Grass-fed cows are inherently leaner, healthier and carry lessened levels of fat. On the flip side, they carry more omega-3s, vitamins and minerals. This creates a “total package” of nutritional meat.

Still with us? If so, you're about to get to the best part!

Lastly, our beef is grass-finished. This is the real differentiator as other options in Texas offer local and grass-fed beef.

This is where we come in as finishing your cattle with grass is the tricky part. 

By putting in extra effort in preparation for the Winter, we provide our cattle with a grass-based finish to their diet when the vast majority of grass-fed producers will not, due to higher costs. 

The competition’s cattle likely eats a soy-based feed during these cooler months. However, due to USDA rules, the products are classified as grass-fed because they consumed grass for most of the year. In these situations, there is no distinction between grass-fed cattle and meat reared on grain. 

Look for the "grass-finished" label if you want meat that came from a cow that was grown solely on grass. In the summer, these animals feed on grass, while in the winter, they graze on alfalfa.

With Born & Raised, you are getting the highest level beef product available to you in Texas, a claim we feel confident making.

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